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Sadhu with Prayer Beads
Hindu Literature

Rudra Das began studying theology very early in life, and as an adult he focused his studies primarily on Eastern spirituality and traditions.  In 2009, with prompting from his spiritual teacher, Rudra Das was led to the study of the science of Vedic Astrology. 

Vedic Astrology, also known as "Jyotish" or the "Science of Light", was a system documented in the Vedic scriptures of India by ancient sages.   Through the study of the planets and their movements, these ancient scholars were able to predict the effects of these planetary movements on our lives. 

Vedic Astrology differs from Western Astrology in that it uses the fixed zodiac as opposed to the moving zodiac. Because of the gradual tilting of the earth in space on its axis, the zodiac appears to be moving at the rate of a little less than 1/60 of a degree per year. Currently, the relative or movable zodiac is off  from the fixed zodiac by almost one whole sign of the zodiac. Because the ancient sages calculated for this movement, Vedic Astrology is considered to have greater accuracy than Western Astrology.  More simply, Vedic Astrology follows the movement of the moon, while Western Astrology follows the movement of the sun.  Historically, Western Astrology (the Tropical Zodiac) was used for agricultural purposes, while Vedic Astrology (the Sidereal Zodiac) was traditionally used for predictions and personal development.

According to Vedic principles, your soul incarnated into a body at a very specific time and place for a purpose, and your life is a reflection of that very specific cosmic design.  A Vedic Astrologer will use your specific "birth chart" as a guide to YOU.  He can look at your planetary placements to help you understand your personality traits, specific life events, and even potentials and possibilities for your future.

Rudra Das works one-on-one as a guide to help you understand your purpose and your path in this lifetime (your dharma), to identify potential opportunities your life has for you, and to plan auspicious times in your evolution to start a new project, choose a career path, or make major life changes.  

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